Body Shell

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The body shell is a project we’ve been gradually working on for some time now.  The outer shell is based on a MKI Mini and can be purchased as either an upper shell for the purpose of being used on a tube frame, or a full shell with our newly developed floor pan / bulkheads bonded in place.  The full shell is made to accepted standard Mini subframes or aftermarket subframes allowing for engine conversions.  Wide body shells are also available.

Either shell can be purchased in full fiberglass, full carbon fiber, or a combination of both.  Exposed carbon panels can also be specified.

Please call or e-mail if you have any interest in a very light weight composite Mini shell, the prices for a full fiberglass shell starts around $3500 and around $6750 for paintable full carbon fiber.  There are many options that can effecarbon shell frontcarbon sell sidecarbon shell rearct those prices including exposed carbon fiber.