Boot Lid / Trunk Lid

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There are many boot lid options available.  Most any of the lids are offered in 2×2 twill or plain weave (1×1) carbon fiber, carbon kevlar (blue, red, orange or yellow kevlar), and can be either full carbon (exposed or ready for paint prep) or carbon on the exposed surface and fiberglass behind that or full fiberglass.

The following are pricing examples and the final price would be dependent on the options and style of lid.

MKI & MKIII up:  full carbon, $295 – exposed carbon with fiberglass backing and back frame, $225 – fiberglass, $150

There are also different style options available, including stock MKI / MKIII, smooth, and our own design that is similar to the MKI but made for the North American plate.  Pictures will be added showing the different options.