Classic Mini Rear Wing / Spoiler

Well as it starts to cool off a bit here in Arizona we’re still trying to get caught up from a very busy summer but also trying to finish up a few new products for the Classic Mini.

Here’s one of the new products; a rear wing / spoiler that attaches to the c pillars.  The pictures are of a fiberglass pre-production part and there are a few tweaks that will be made on the final part, and of course it will be offered in glass or carbon.

This rear wing was actually started a couple years back but things have been so busy we just weren’t able to finish it as other projects had priority.  The product isn’t for everyone and is primarily for aesthetic purposes, but we will continue working on some aerodynamic pieces to work in conjunction with the wing, like a more aggressive wing along with a rear diffuser and front splitter.

Since the only Mini we have on hand right now is still in the project stage, Robbin will be offering to give this part to someone on our facebook page who would be willing to pay for shipping and provide some pictures of it installed.  After that we should have a better idea of any changes needed to put the part into production.

So visit the Rogue Se7ens page on face book, if you think you’d like to try it out for us.

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